It seems like every few months someone gets all up in arms about something someone said about someone else and someone picks up their toys and goes home…or decides not to write in their journal anymore. I guess I am just a simpleton, because honestly I just don’t care about all of that stuff going on out there. I am not the popular kid at school and I usually don’t even know that people are fighting until it is so long over with that I feel like I have just discovered some supposed ‘little known top secret fact’ which was actually highlighted in the issue of Time that I read at my dentists office – which happened to be 4 months old by the time I found it to begin with. So – needless to say, I am not the one in the know around here. And even when I think I am in the know, I am actually WAY BEHIND, because dude, I don’t even read the current events until they are 4 MONTHS OLD.

See, I read this here: and I then I read this here: and then I read this here. And you know what? Eh – I just really didn’t care either way. So here we are and I have not much to say. I get that someone made fun of someone's kids hair. Ummm, is there more to it than that? There must be, but I am missing the point. Man - I had my kids heads shaved - if you want to make fun of kids, hop on over to my site and it is a free-for-all. Like I said, I am sure I am missing the point.

So my weekend was nice and quiet. I took a lot of vicodin, napped quite a bit, recovered from a kidney infection and a sore tooth and well, that was about all that happened. Seriously. We didn’t do a damn thing. I didn’t type anything, read anything, watch anything on the computer. Not once. I watched some TV, but I didn’t strain myself. It was glorious. Seriously.

And now? I am sleepy. So sleepy. So very, very sleepy…and I have work to do. And kids to go home to. And more work there. So there is that.