The Spirit of a Boy

I ‘hear’ that the boys are feeling a little better today. I – am at work and my husband is home, so it is all hear-say at this point. What I can attest to is this: last night Cole woke up at least once every damn hour. And like a good mommy I jumped up every time he made noise (in order to avoid the horror of another undiscovered-until-much-later throw up) and ended up getting SO LITTLE SLEEP. I have to say that I prefer work on some days to dealing with the sick kids. Yesterday was nice – holding Cole’s burning up head against my chest, talking to him, rocking him to sleep. I love how sweet they both are when they are not feeling very good. They are cute, cuddly and much less like their normal wild-ass selves. Yet there is something sad about them when they are like this – like part of their spirit is broken. I think I prefer the wild-spirited to the broken-spirited…but don’t hold me to that.