Poor Sick Cole

Both of the boys have not been feeling well lately. They have had a cold ever since going to the doctor a few weeks ago for routine shots. We have been dealing with runny noses and coughs for at least a week from Roark – and last night Cole started up with a fever. I gave him Tylenol (which he freaking HATES) and I put them both to bed around 8:15. Cole went to sleep pretty quickly, Roark struggled as usual, finally going to sleep around 9:something. At 4:30 this morning, Cole started crying. He does this quite a bit – wakes up early and tries to get us to let him play instead of sleep. We ignore him, and inside 5 minutes he goes back to sleep. I did the same thing this morning. He cried for a little while – no more than a few minutes, and was quiet again. I eventually got up, took a shower and got ready for work.

Around 6 I woke up the girls and went down to feed the dogs and get the boys stuff ready for the day. At 6:30 Cole started crying again so I went up to get him, and walked into a room smelling of vomit. So gross. He had thrown up in his bed and it was everywhere. I am assuming here that it happened at 4:30, because (and do not read any further if this is already bothering you) it was dried to his head and the bed. To say I felt like a shit is an understatement. Why didn’t just poke my head in at 4:30 and make sure he was OK? Damn, damn, damn. Poor baby had to fall asleep in puke.

I gave Cole a bath and changed his sheets – Roark was still sleeping and none of this woke him up! Then I loaded them in the car and took my oldest daughter to her dads so she could drive to school. My youngest daughter, the boys and I grabbed some food and then we dropped her off at school. All the while Cole was not exactly acting normal – and he was getting a rash. I decided to stay home and work from there – knowing he is going to need a trip to the doctor this afternoon. He is now asleep in his clean bed, but I am guessing that this is going to be one long day… I hope he is ok.


So now they are both freaking sick. Not so much with the throwing up - but more of the other stuff. It is a joy. Cole's rash is only on his face now - and Roark has it on his head and behind his ears - odd... wish the pooping would stop. For the love of God - make it stop. During one diaper change Roark decided to help me out by putting his hand in his poo and then rubbing his eyes. That was really fun for me.