Parties and Police

Friday night went off without a hitch. Ha. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHA. Whew! That is a funny one. What? Oh right…you don’t yet know about the disaster that was my Friday night. It can be summed up by saying that my newly 15 year old daughter is grounded until January. It was THAT fun.

The details, you ask? You couldn’t stop me if you wanted to.

Girls started arriving for Brittany’s birthday around 7. One girl showed up and left only 15 later because her mother didn’t want her going to a haunted house without adult supervision. I thought this was pretty funny. My husband and I planned to drop them off (all 11 of them, mind you) at the haunted house with money, and then go out to dinner. They were to call us when they were done and we would come get them. We were about 5 minutes away the whole time. But, this girls mother didn’t like that idea so she couldn’t stay. I laughed at her and her mistrust of the girls. Ummm, lets just say that she is smarter than me. MUCH SMARTER.

The haunted house part was fine. We dropped the girls off and went to dinner at Dakota’s – which by the way was AWESOME. After dinner we headed over and picked up the girls who were ready to go home. So far, so good. We then headed home and ordered them pizzas. After the pizza arrived, Todd and I went to bed. It was midnight, I was tired. We went to sleep.

At 3:00am there was a knock on the bedroom door. It was Brittany – and she was quite persistent with the damn knocking. She announced that there was a policeman downstairs on the front porch that wanted to talk to us…which of course got our attention. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt and headed downstairs. I bet I looked HOT.

Officer Something-rather proceeded to tell us that two of the girls that were staying at our house were currently 2 blocks away being detained by another officer. And, that they had seen my daughter and another one of her friends walking back from the park only minutes before. 3 AM!!!! According to the police, there were a bunch of girls at the park horsing around with some guys in a gray car – 2 fifteen year olds and an 18 year old. They were loud and obnoxious and someone called the cops to shut them up. According to my daughter, they were hanging out at the park “because we wanted to swing” when all of a sudden some guys showed up and then she left. Never-mind that one of these guys is the one my daughter went out on a date with last week…because that is simply not important (yeah, right).

I sent my daughter and her friend inside, grabbed a sweatshirt (it was 40 degrees out) and went over to where the other girls were being held. There were two police cars with lights on and a few policemen standing around. One of the girls was sitting on the curb alone. The other was nowhere to be seen. I walked over to the infamous silver car and opened the door – and found girl number 2. I got her out of the car and of course yelled at them both. WTF? What were they doing out at 3am – in a car with boys – when they were under our care at our house???? One of the girls called her mom, who came and got her. The other girl couldn’t get in touch with her mother, and came back home with me.

My husband said, and I agree, that we will never really know what was going on – but I think I have a pretty good idea. I think that all of the girls were up at the park – after calling the boys and asking them to meet them there. Two of the girls were hanging out in their car, and the other girls got cold – and since there was no room in the car for anyone else, they went home to get warm. Brittany and her friend went home and then back to hang around the boys, but left again when they heard the police cars.

Turns out that the car belonged to boy my daughter has been ‘going with’ – or rather to his father, who was out of town. The 18 year old was a friend…whom he let drive the car. That would have REALLY made me mad if it had been my car. Can you imagine? The two girls that were with the police received citations for breaking curfew, as did the two younger boys. The older boy was given a $250.00 ticket. The car was towed. I grounded my daughter. The two girls that received citations are grounded, and the younger boys are grounded. And even though all of the girls should be grounded, I didn’t tell their parents what happened, so they are home free.

We didn’t get back to sleep until after 5, and had to get up at 6:30 with the boys. Doesn’t that sound like fun?