A good day

I spent the day with the boys because it is a “bank holiday”. I don’t work for a bank, but I support one – so I get to take their vacation days…which is nice. That is until the day after freaking Thanksgiving when I have to drag my ass to work. Anyway, I digress… I was home with the boys and it was glorious. I took them to the bagel shop, and to exchange a pair of shoes I bought Cole. Then after their nap my husband joined us for lunch (which was a nightmare, but lets not dwell on that, please…). After lunch the boys and I went to Ft. Worth to jog on the best trail in the world – River Legacy Parks.

Yesterday when I told Todd what I wanted to do with my day off he dared me to let the boys loose in the park. He said I should put them both in the field and see how long I could make it before going insane. So that is exactly what I did. Seeing how I was insane before starting, I am not sure how to report back to him. Ideas?

The boys played and goofed off in the big fields for a while, and then when I had enough of envisioning them poking sticks in their eyes as they ran down the hill, I packed them into the B.O.B stroller and headed out for a run. I made it about 2.5 miles and I swear to god I lost the will to live. Usually Todd pushes the stroller when we run. It is hard. HARD. H.A.R.D. And totally not in a good way. I guess we went about 5 miles, but it took close to an hour, which is sad. By the time we were back at the car, I was sorry I had even gone out there. How bad is that? Don’t answer that. Please.

Overall though? A very, very nice day. Cute little boys, sunshine, no work. What more could I ask for?