I am a fan of wine. Not so much beer – but wine…ah yes. I think I will start posting my half-assed reviews here for anyone who likes wine – but mostly for me so that we stop buying ones we don’t like. I am a much bigger fan of the reds than whites. I like Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon. I also like Pinot Noirs a bit. Honestly – I like any dry red wine, and I am not entirely sure I know the difference between them. Remember the old Pepsi vs. Coke challenge? I would certainly fail if given a “red wine challenge” test. And yes, I failed the Pepsi/Coke one. I just don’t pay attention to the details I guess.

So – wines I love:

  • Pretty much all of the Bonterra wines. They are organic and just have a nice, crisp flavor.
  • Kavos – greek red wine. I think they make a white also, but I like the red best (I think it is more for the memories of being in Greece than the actual wine though, because it is not the best wine.
  • Earth, Zin and Fire – Red Zinfandel. Yummy with a funny label – what more could you want?