My 15 Year Old Daughter

My youngest daughter is 15 years old today. 15 years torn from the calendar in what feels like months. It is hard to explain the passing of time, to capture the emotions and activities in a way that lets anyone else but me understand all that has happened and how much these 15 years have meant to me. I barely remember a life without Brittany in it. I know for certain I would never want a life without her.

She was born with a heart much larger than a child should have. She is passionate about everything in her world. Everything is either fantastic or a tragedy – there is no in-between for her. She lives life to the fullest – always interested in what is going on, who is going where, who said what. It can make your head spin to see her in action, but most of the time it simply makes me laugh.

She is such a different person from me. She is the person I longed to be in high school. She is popular and cute, and so sure of herself. She isn’t influenced by her friends the way I was – she is steadfast in her beliefs and is proud of the decisions she makes. I don’t see her caving on her desires simply to ‘fit in’, although she certainly seems to fit in anyway. Where did that confidence come from? How did she obtain it so young?

I am scared to see her working her way into the world – a world that will take advantage of her generous heart. Yet, I am so proud of her and look forward to watching her continue to grow and laugh and learn.

Happy Birthday Brittany. I love you.