Boys, they are a'growin.

The boys went to the doctor for their 9 month checkup yesterday. Nine months…amazing. It is true what people say about the first 6 months (or longer) with twins being a blur. I don’t know where the time went – it is simply gone.

Raork says Nananana, Mum mum mum, and Puh. Cole grunts.

Both boys sit up unassisted for periods of time, but eventually tip over.

They like to stand and play with things, but are too wobbly to stand on their own.

Cole has two teeth.

They eat cut up regular food, and we are almost done with baby food completely. Last night they ate what we ate – meatloaf, ranch-style beans, and broccoli.

They rock back and forth and roll a lot, but still no crawling.

The doctor said that they are around the 8 month mark in development, which he is very happy with. Since they were 3 months early they are ahead of their adjusted age, and he is not concerned with anything yet. He did say that we will have to bring in Early Childhood Intervention if they are not crawling, jabbering, and cruising by a year. I don’t really know what cruising is, but I think it is where they stand and take a few steps holding on to things. We have 3 months though, so no worries there. Overall, they are fantastic.

The doctor asked if they were sleeping through the night. Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, not so much. We told him that we end up feeding Cole a lot around 3am because he is hungry and grumpy and won’t go back to sleep. And do you know what he said? “Let him cry. He should be sleeping through the night and he doesn’t need to eat at 3am”…yep. So last night I turned down the monitor (could NOT bring myself to turn it off completely) and we didn’t wake up with the boys AT ALL. We finally got up with Cole at 4:50am, after he had grumped around for about 20 minutes…but other than that we slept all night. It was like a vacation. I have no idea if the boys woke up at all, because I didn’t hear them. But I imagine if they had been really crying I would have heard since their room is right next to ours. I hope tonight goes just as well. And – if you don’t believe in letting kids cry, perfectly OK with me…just let me be about it. I don’t need anymore emails telling me what a horrible mother I am. I know I am a horrible parent – leave well enough alone.