“Cry it out” is wonderful, in theory. However in reality it sucks. Bad. It is hard to hear the boys crying and watch the clock just to reach the minimum 10 minutes until I am supposed to go in and check on them…especially when Roark screams loud enough to wake the dead. It is sad to hear them cry. I wish that they were so well-adjusted and happy that they would lay their little heads down and simply drift peacefully to sleep all the while smiling happily at me and possibly mumbling “mommy, I love you.” Is that so much to ask?

We have been doing the whole jogging 21 days thing and have already missed one. We ran 6 days straight and then I caved and took Saturday off. We then ran yesterday and today – but I have not been up to par and have not jogged far any day. I am so out of shape and even the slightest northern wind makes me tired. Add a hill to the picture and I am barely able to function while running. Seriously. I used to run A LOT, and now – 3 miles is HARD…and I have to walk. That – is sad. I have run marathons for god’s sake – this shouldn’t be that hard. Yet – the year off to have the boys and recover from the ear-infection-from-hell has taken a toll on my body. Perhaps if I quite complaining it would be easier – but we will never know…