TV is Expensive

Work is crazy, which has an element of “nice” to it. I don’t mind the real work, simply hate it when I have to do useless things…and the “nice” part is that we are not in a useless work mode right now. Everything I am working has very clear goals and my activities directly reflect the outcome of the project…which is a good thing. The crazy part is best shown in an example of my day yesterday: I had to get up at 2:30am in order to leave the house by 3:30am to drive to a one hour meeting, 4 hours away. I then turned around and drove home. Due to pre-meeting and post-meeting meetings (heh – too funny) I ended up getting home around 3:00pm. Then, I had more work to do. See? Crazy.

The boys are fantastic, but there is really nothing new to report. They like to stand and play now – holding on to the Incrediblock or Walker or Exersaucer. It is not enough to actually SIT in the toy, they have to STAND beside it. Why is that? It is cute – yes. But it makes it difficult to ever leave their side. Which makes it hard to pee, or eat, or pick up toys, or make bottles, or anything at all useful.

The girls are good as far as I know. They get their report cards today so I will talk to them tonight. They are at their dad’s this weekend, so that stinks. I wish they were going to be at our house. I always wish this though. I WILL see them Monday and next weekend. Not sure what we will do – I think I will pull up guidelive and see what is going on in the area that they may be interested in.

So this weekend we plan to take it easy, do the usual grocery shopping and washing of the laundry, and will break out our latest Netflix...

Downloaded from iTunes today:
Bad Day Daniel Powter
Free Loop Daniel Powter
Song 6 Daniel Powter
Jimmy Gets High Daniel Powter
Breathe (2AM)
Slave to Love Bryan Ferry
Father Figure George Michael
Ride Wit Me Nelly

These are all a result of TV shows...stupid TV. The Daniel Powter song was on American Idol as was Father Figure, Breathe owas on Gray's Anatomy, and all of the others have been on Scrubs. TV cost me $8.00 in songs today.