We went running yesterday, for an HOUR! It was fantastic. We took the boys and went to a favorite park of mine in Arlington. It was sunny and warm and simply put – perfect. Although about ½ hour into the run Roark decided to start screaming at the top of his lungs for NO GOOD REASON. He wasn’t hungry, tired, wet – he just didn’t feel like being in the B.O.B. anymore. And he let the whole world know. If you heard his wailing yesterday around 2:00, I am sorry. You will be happy to know that he is bouncing away at this very moment in his Johnny Jump-Up, smiling his fool head off.

Our boys decided to get up for the day at 4:50am, and sadly don’t show any signs of tiring as of yet. How do they do that? I can’t drag myself out of bed that early unless I HAVE to (such as this morning – thank you little pains). Where does the energy go as we age? Why do they get up so early? What in the hell is wrong with babies?????