Baby Proofing

The boys are getting bigger, and more advanced. They roll all over the place. And – they are interested in outlets, sharp corners, cabinets, and anything else that makes me think they are going to kill themselves at any given moment. Roark is more interested in the danger than Cole, but they are equally as wiggly and it is only a matter of time before we end up in the paper with BAD PARENTS above our picture if we don’t do something about baby-proofing. Which led us to Babies R Us yesterday.

While at the bad baby store, we ended up spending a crazy amount of money on baby-related items. We bought outlet plugs and covers, plastic doorknob covers, cord wrappers, and cabinet locks. We also decided to look at car seats because the boys are practically busting out of their infant seats, and they are too big to carry around in them anyway. Wow the car seats are expensive. The Britax ones are crazy amounts of money. Which we didn’t buy. We did however end up buying the Alpha Omega 3-in-1 car seat because we were all giddy over the advertising: “One car seat for life” and “Works for infants, toddlers, old people” as well as “Will double as your child’s first car at the age of 16”. Seemed like a bargain anyway. And – they are cool. So there is that.

I was not sure what to do with their old car seats. I could donate them to some charity (if they would even take them) and let them resell them. Or we could throw them away. I finally decided to list them on craigslist.org to see if anyone wanted them. I listed them for the amount of $0.00 stating that we didn’t need them and wanted to give them a good home. Right after I clicked “publish” we received a phone call. No kidding. Inside minutes there was someone coming to get them. That was so easy.

Now we need to actually install of the various baby-proofing things that we bought. It is a shame that just purchasing them won't work...