And THEN...

I have bitter-sweet news. There was no monster in our attic. There was also no source of the leak that is over-taking our bathroom. The first bit of news was the sweet. So does that make it sweet-bitter news? Does anyone care?

I keep thinking the boys are on the verge of crawling and then another day goes by of their rolling/scooting/squirming/rocking with not a hint of crawling. They are not sitting on their own either…they still topple over. And, they have no teeth. So what are they good for? Huh? Well, I will tell you. They are good for getting me up every hour all through the night. They are fantastic at getting so tired during the day that they refuse to sleep. They are great at spitting out anything resembling a vegetable. They are really Vikings when it comes to whining and fussing. And, they are pretty fly for white guys. Sorry – song stuck in my head. Danger of the IPOD.

I was “rated” at work today. It is what we officially call a performance review or something more confusing..not sure anymore. Anyway – they rated me as exceeds expectations. All I keep wondering is how that is even possible. Are their expectations so low of me that I exceeded them while being out for months upon months pregnant, giving birth, and then recovering from the ear-sucking MRSA illness? Damn, I didn’t know it was this easy. All these years I have worked my ass off for them and I coulda’ been slacking. Who knew? If I NEVER work, maybe they will rate me as Far Exceeds Expectations. And then I can be the queen. Or you know, not.