So I am staring another round of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet in the face. I plan to start (wait for it) … tomorrow. Only, I really mean it. I am going to the store this evening to get things that I can eat and then I am on my way. Today was fairly diet-friendly so far – eggs this morning with leftover burrito stuffing (beef, bean, and onion), with a little salsa and some low-fat cheese. Then I had some nuts for a snack later. I have had about a million glasses of water, but no coffee, soda or juice. The hardest part about this diet is all of the junk we have in the house…from beer to granola bars, to cereal, to chips, to wine – all things I LOVE, and cannot eat on this diet.

So the grocery list consists of rabbit food – celery, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers – as well as other stuff like eggs, cottage cheese, laughing cow cheese, and Canadian bacon. Not at all exciting. I may pick up some teas (herbal) and some sugarless jello or pudding. Anything to add spice to my eating life. My weight loss goal is 20 pounds by May, which is achievable – it will just be difficult. If I continue to run (5 days a week) and work out (2 days a week) it shouldn’t be as hard as it has been up until now. I also will be cutting out alcohol which although a disappointment, will help with the weight loss.

I am sure there are other diets out there that work – I just have not found them. I have not spent a lot of time dieting in my life anyway, so my experience is pretty limited. I have never done Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any organized program. I tried Atkins a few times and gave up. Then I tried South Beach and it worked…so it is the one I go back to. So – this is about to turn into my food and exercise journal for a little bit while I try to work off the months of laziness that have settled in my butt.

Tomorrow – Day 1.