Why I am here

I have never had very many close friends. I have written about this before. Writing, to me is an outlet of feelings and thoughts that some people may simply discuss with their friends. So, I suppose it is my ‘replacement friend’ and it is good for me. This journal is seldom judgmental and I never have to plan a ‘girls night out’ in order to come here. It is always welcoming. I have been able to get through some confusing and difficult times in the past few years and I credit some of that to being able to write about my feelings and work through the right way to handle things. It helps me clear my head and feel better about decisions. And, for every post here, there are ten others that were too personal, half-baked, incoherent, or simply stupid… but I write them anyway and it makes me feel better.

I also write for the memories. I like to look back and see where I was / what I was doing a year or two ago. I like to see that I have made progress, or changed. And sometimes I just like to be reminded of days gone by. I love writing about my kids and seeing the changes in them over time. I like keeping track of things they do and say, knowing that someday I will treasure these entries.

I do not write to cause conflict, to upset anyone, or even to acknowledge anyone. This is purely for me. It is selfish, and it is mine. When I created my journal I left comments opened out of curiosity. I wondered if anyone read this, and wondered what they thought. Over time, I realized that I don't care what people think about my writing, my family, my life. I have them opened now because there are a few people that comment that I like hearing from. I enjoy hearing from them and following their lives. That is it.

I don’t want to hear about anyone’s dislike of my life choices, how I raise my children, what I do in my free time, or what my future plans are. Sometimes I ask questions – and I love to hear feedback. If I am asking, I consider it an open field and am very open to differing opinions. If I have not asked your opinion and you have negative feedback, it may be better used elsewhere and on someone else. It won’t affect me, I won’t change because of it. Just so you know.