What I am doing:

I am jogging / working out everyday
I am sticking to my diet and actually losing weight
I am watching the boys grow and change every single second
I am looking at the laundry and thinking about folding it
I am wondering where all of the baby socks are sneaking off to
I am curious why I wanted to go back to work now that I am in the thick of it and realize how hard working and taking care of babies is
I am spending time with the girls only to find out that it is never enough time
I am trying to mold my girls into strong, intelligent people and am struggling with the little influence I have
I am anxiously awaiting summer
I am looking forward to our trip to Mexico in May and secretly wanting the time to pass just a little bit faster
I am trying to spend more time reading books and less time reading journals
I am watching the news everyday and finally know what is going on in the world
I am interested in the Olympics, however have only managed to watch a few very disappointing events such as Women's Hockey. Puhhhlease!
I am falling deeper in love with my husband every day
I am better person than I was a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago