What? You don't want to see me naked?

I went to the doctor this morning - the kind of doctor that doesn't make you get naked. I was confused.

I have a ruptured eardrum due to a bad ear infection. Nice. Doesn't feel nice though. Feels like ass. Truly. I have had drainage / pain for a few days and wanted to go in yesterday but they were closed, so I trotted on in this morning and she announced that there is a hole in my eardrum. Hmmm - that doesn't belong there? Guess not.

So - more drugs to add to the already-too-long-list. They know me by name at Walgreen's now. They said hi to me, using my name - and didn't even hesitate...sad. I feel sorry for the pharmacy folks that have to figure out if there are any interactions between the 5 other medicines I am taking.