Not Much Going On...

I did not make cookies. I did not even make dinner. I went to McDonalds and raised my cholesterol 2 billion points instead. And, I must say that it was worth it. I ended up watching American Idol and House…not exactly an accomplishment. I did fold and put away laundry, so I have that going for me. Which is nice.

Today I have done about as much as yesterday, meaning I have done nothing. I couldn’t sleep last night – until around 5 this morning, so I ended up in bed until almost ten. I then walked around the block to ease the heartburn that was creeping up on me and decided a shower was in order. That is it. There is no more. I have done NOTHING else. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few hours so I guess I need to actually get dressed and eat lunch, and drink a gallon of water so that they don’t bitch at me (about that anyway). I am sure I will get a lecture of some sort – that is pretty typical. I am supposed to get steroid shots too, which I hate – so I am not looking forward to my afternoon at all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that contractions are at a minimum and I get to come home after the appointment.

I have the girls from Thursday this week through Memorial Day. Can you believe it? I cannot. Their Dad decided that since his step-sons are going to be gone, and his wife has plans all week, that it would be just great if they stayed with me. I am definitely not complaining, but it is funny how we only change our scheduled days when it is convenient for HIM. He is just not that flexible, and it drives me crazy. The girls finish school this week so next week will be fun. First week of summer vacation – I am guessing they will sleep and eat a lot…along with watching a TON of bad television. Kind of sounds like me lately – we will get along famously!