We Will NOT be Taken on the Mattress!

The baby nursery is complete!!! And wow is it cute. Our Saturday was filled with home depot visits, paint buying, sponging, taping, animal painting… it looks amazing. The girls helped and we finished before evening. The top part of the walls is sponged blue. There is an 8 inch strip of white under that, and then the lower part of the wall is solid blue. All around the room along the white strip are wooden animals that we painted and attached to the walls – frogs, horses, cows, pigs, rhinos…all sorts of animals. The rocking chair is solid blue with animals along the top and the stool is sponged like the walls. My biggest concern now is – will our furniture actually fit in there?

Furniture for the babies turned into a bit of a nightmare. See, we ordered 2 cribs and 2 dressers / changers from USA Baby over a month ago. We were promised arrival June 1st. Friday I received a call from them stating that they wouldn’t have the items in by June – or possibly ever…and then they said that we could come buy something else (read: more expensive). See, they had some huge promotion where we were able to get everything at a very reduced price, but low and behold they actually are not going to ever get them in. Liars. So my husband and youngest daughter spent part of the weekend looking for new furniture – everywhere but USA Baby…because once we got the refund, we were determined NOT to spend any money there. They couldn’t find two of anything that would arrive anytime soon…so we ended up ordering some furniture online – with no real idea how it really looks. Should be interesting…we may end up with some of the furniture in the hallway…how trashy would that be?

Now we have realized that we didn’t order mattresses, and in our infinite wisdom researched what kind to buy. Wow there are a lot of crib mattress options out there. And of course the one we want is $200.00. We should have never looked up options. We should have marched into BabiesRUs and picked one out…now we are screwed. Does a mattress REALLY matter? They claim a bad one could lead to SIDS – they must do that just to get us to spend more money. We didn’t pay much more than that for the crib…that is sad. We will not be taken on the mattress… my new chant for the week.