A Nice Kick in the Ass

I tried to do a little too much yesterday which resulted in cramping, contractions, backache and bleeding. An all around nice kick in the ass. Of course it was deserved, but unpleasant anyway.

I started out running one small errand. I took the two cell pictures from our RE to Kinkos to have them blown up (so that I can frame them and hang them in the nursery – I am weird like that). They didn’t have any 8X10 photo paper in stock…so I went over to Wolf Camera to have them made. Funny thing is that they convinced me to do 5X7s anyway due to a problem with them getting grainy much larger. Do you think it matters? These were pictures of ugly, funny-looking cells. Could grainy make it any worse??? And then I had to wait an hour and a half for them to be ready. So, what could I do but shop? I went to a few stores and wondered around a small bit. I then went to a frame store and picked out frames and matting. I also went to Starbucks for an iced tea and a sandwich, well – because I was STARVING by 12:30.

By the time I picked up the photos from Wolf and took them to the frame store, I was so tired I couldn’t function. Now, mind you – I had only been out since 10:45 – so it is not like a long day – but it was MUCH longer than any I have had in ages. After telling the frame guy I couldn’t wait for him to mount and frame the pics, I went home, leaving them there to be retrieved another day.

Once home I drank a ton of water and went to bed. For three hours. I really laid around all evening until my husband got in around 8. By then I had been bleeding some and was having backache issues. We ate dinner (pizza because I wasn’t going to cook) and loafed around a bit. By the time I went to bed contractions were 5 minutes apart and hurting…I felt pretty crummy, but managed to fall asleep. I had spotting throughout the night, but it is gone now. And, the contractions are gone. I have had no more than 6 an hour today (which is tolerable according to my doctor), so I am feeling MUCH BETTER.

I don’t have much planned today. I want to pick up the pictures – perhaps when I am out getting something to eat. I also want to stop by Walmart or Target and pick up a few plastic containers to help organize the laundry room. And that is about all that is on my agenda. I need to write a few Thank You cards that have been lingering – and maybe read or draw. Boring life I lead, huh? But – if I don’t take it easy today my Dr. will yell at me at my appointment tomorrow. He keeps threatening hospital bedrest, and I am starting to think he isn’t joking. Wouldn’t that suck? You have to have permission to take a freaking shower! I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t equal much fun in my book. So, in light of my options, I am going to behave today in hopes that tomorrow goes well.