How to Pass the Time

Well, another positive fFN test yesterday, meaning they are worried that I may go into active labor within the next two weeks. Two week waiting continues…love the two week wait. I will go back into the doctor next week for more monitoring and a second set of steroids to help develop the boys’ lungs. Those darn shots hurt – wish I didn’t need them.

I did pass my diabetes screening, so that is great news…something that ISN’T wrong with me. WHOOOHOOO! However, my iron is really low, so they are increasing my supplements to twice a day. So many drugs now: Prenatal vitamins, antibiotics, double iron, progesterone shots weekly, procardia, nexium – I am a regular pharmacy.

I tried working on the baby scrapbook today but decided that I need some off-white paper for our printer to make labels / headings for the pages so that I don’t have to write everything. And, I am too lazy to go get any, and really shouldn’t be going out anyway. If I do venture out, I want to go to the bookstore and find something not mind-numbingly dumb to read. I feel dumber with every James Patterson book that I read – except for Black Friday, which is too difficult to concentrate on. I swear this house arrest thing is harder than I though it would be. It is lonelier too. Home all day alone with dogs and cats is not exactly stimulating. I know that I should enjoy the quiet time. I know that when the boys arrive there will be no more quite time and I will wish I had time to myself. How do I stock-pile quiet time for later?

Today I think I will get the camera out and take pictures of the nursery and then print a few for the baby book. That will take some time.