Insurance Scandal

I will be 26 weeks tomorrow, which feels like progress. I went to the specialist for a sonogram today and to my regular baby doctor for a follow up…busy day for a homebody like me.

The babies are 2 pounds each, which is FANTASTIC. Baby A is now breach, and Baby B is now head down – they have completely reversed directions! The doctor once again said it is unlikely they will switch spots, but he said that last time too, so I don’t know if I believe him. As it is now I will go C-Section unless they flip again.

My cervix has shortened to 3.2 from 4.1, which did not seem to alarm them at all. The doctors both felt that 26 weeks with twins is going to cause shortening…so they are pleased. They put me on 7 days of some sort of preventative antibiotics to hopefully avoid premature rupture of membranes (as with both previous babies), so that is good I suppose.

The only pending issue is the heartburn. My one MAJOR gripe at today’s appointment was the ever-loving pain in my chest that is preventing me from eating and drinking, and SLEEPING, and making me lose weight (not that I couldn’t stand to slow down on the weight gain). I was begging for relief. He recommended TUMS, and I really bit his head off…stating: “you wouldn’t offer candy to a crack addict would you? That does NO good!!!!” – I think he got the picture because he wrote a prescription for Nexium. Now for the bad news: my insurance company declined the prescription and now I have to wait for the pharmacy to call the doctor and have him call the insurance company. Why do they do this? The prescription is obviously good, or he wouldn’t have written it. Goddamn insurance disaster. I actually cried at the pharmacy and I am sure I freaked the lady out. See, I had just eaten thinking relief was on the way, and now another sleepless night of this shit. I have hit the end of my rope. Sad, isn’t it?

So, good news and bad news continues. I think I am setting the trend lately.