I woke up early this morning, ate a bit, took a shower, got the girls up, and headed to the doctor…only to find out that my appointments are tomorrow. Both of them. I somehow managed to mix up TWO appointments. Amazing really. The girls made all kinds of fun at me – and rightfully so. I am a spacey pregnant women with no hope of recovering. Now I get to do all of that again tomorrow. Watch me forget about my appointment and miss it. That would be classic.

I am pretty darn sick of being pregnant right now. I am huge. My girls laugh when they see me every morning, swearing that I have grown overnight. Bending over is hard. Breathing is hard. Sleeping is truly distressing event. Existing is difficult at best. And then there is this baby – Baby B (who shall be named Roark) – who thinks that right under my right lower ribs is the PERFECT hiding place…and he won’t stop trying to burrow up in there. My ribs on the right are so sore that I swear he is slowly breaking them with his head. Why won’t he go somewhere else? Why, why, why? He doesn’t fit there and it is driving me CRAZY! The other baby – Baby A (who shall be named Cole) – is very low and enjoys kicking my cervix – which compared to rib-breaking is welcomed and appreciated. I can only imagine that this kicking and hurting will get worse as time goes on.

Tell me – who in their right mind enjoys the pregnancy part? And if one truly exists that claims to like this, what are they thinking? Even in a low-risk “normal” pregnancy you are faced with gastrointestinal problems, heartburn, weight gain, forgetfulness, weird skin, raging emotions, constipation, throwing up…and the list goes on. What is FUN about ANY of that? What kind of lives do these Happy Pregnant People lead normally that pregnancy seems so wonderful? Dear god, what a nightmare.

So as you can clearly read, I am fed up today and if these babies were not so little still I would totally coax them out with promises of sports cars and money.