Bad Television

Lesson learned: Watching Birth Day on Discovery Health 6 times a day is not a good use of time. It makes one paranoid about things they never knew could happen to moms and babies. Bad, bad, bad. I must not be drawn into the bad television anymore. I must find other things to do. Must not obsess about preterm birth, placenta previa, brain hemorrhage, NICU, high blood pressure, among other miscellaneous difficult-to-spell issues that fall upon pregnant women on occasion. Must stay sane… whoops, too late.

I have been watching this damned show day in and day out for weeks and it is finally occurring to me that it is bad for the brain to be thinking about all of the things that can go wrong. I am hereby banning Discovery Health from our home. At least until the babies are here and I will not be obsessing while watching the show.

I see my doctor tomorrow. Big thrill of the week. My husband is going out of town this afternoon through Friday, so we have spent some time this week making plans for how to deal with an unexpected hospital stay while he is gone. We don’t anticipate my being admitted, yet as I type this my contractions are about 7-9 minutes apart and quite uncomfortable. So – who knows.

In the past this has been pretty normal, however it usually slows down after an hour or so. I have been having them for about 45 minutes now, and they are pretty regular. Stupid contractions. If they are not changing my cervix, perhaps they will let me stay home and not go into the hospital. Home is preferred. At home I can wear my clothes. I can shower and use my own soap. I have access to many different wonderful smelling lotions and plenty of yummy food…comfy pillows, and of course bad television – and the ever-loving internet. I would certainly miss my connectivity if I were not at home. See how spoiled I am? And then there are my dogs and my girls and my husband. I need these people (yes, my dogs are people) around me. It would break my heart not to be here – so I am trying really really hard to be good and not do much so that I get to stay home.

So – now I must go find something useful to do with my time – hard to do lately. I hate wasting away a full day, but find that I cannot do much. What to do, what to do?