I cheated on bedrest today…just a bit.

I was having a very bad “feeling sorry for myself” lonely day and decided to go get a few things to do in order to make house arrests a bit better. I went to Michael’s (craft store) and bought a new drawing book, a shirt to paint for a pregnant friend of mine (it is going to say “Due in December") and some scrapbook paper. Now I have three different types of projects to work on, which is nice. The drawing book has the cutest ideas for charcoal images that will be great in the boys’ room. I am starting on a baseball glove and ball, and will then work on a pair of old sneakers and an airplane. They are all a bit more difficult than the ones I have completed in the past but they will take a lot of time and should be pretty cute. Thank GOD they will take time – I have nothing but time.

Then I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few things for my pregnant friend to give her with her shirt – Chamomile tea and a lavender candle to help combat morning sickness – at least they worked for me, so I thought she could give them a try. Then I drove through the pharmacy and picked up my Nexium (bout damn time, stupid insurance company) and headed home.

Funny how all of that sounds like a busy day – three errands. Sad. Now I am thinking about dinner and nothing sounds good. Nothing. What sounds good is having my husband home…or my girls here. Instead I am surrounded by dogs and a cat with the drone of the TV in the background…what fun we have here, don’t you think?

Tomorrow should be much less exciting than today, except – and here is the good part – the girls are coming over…until Sunday. Whooohooo. I am excited to see them. Now I just need to continue having NO contractions and try to be lazy. Stupid lazy.