Baby Room Status

Walls: painted, sponged, and animal-ed (little painted wooden animals on the walls)

Pictures: framed, but not hung. They are two pictures of day 5 embryos prior to implantation - blown up to 5x7. They look very "modern art" and are fantastic.

Wooden Names: Painted, but not on the walls - awaiting youngest daughter's desire to hang them.

Wooden Crosses: Painted, but not on the walls - see above.

Rug: in room, and oh so cute

Book Shelf: also in room - plain, white, and serves it's purpose.

Rocking Chair and Stool: painted, sponged, animal-ed, and oh so wonderfully cute.

Cribs: purchased, put together, and cute as they can be.

Dresser: purchased, awaiting delivery tomorrow.

The dresser was the final piece we were missing and we found one yesterday at Freed's, an expesive furniture place with a clearance warehouse in the back for us poor folk. It was orignally $1190.00 marked down to $450.00 - it is 66 inches long and an unbelievable piece of furniture. One that we will want to have around forever. It is a little above hip-high, so we will attach the changing table countoured pad to it and use that for a changing table too. It is perfect. We will have to buy one of the boys another dresser at some point, but right now we cannot afford it and there isn't room for it in the nursery. Plus, this one is big enough for all of the clothes and blankets and sheets with room to spare, so it will be great for at least a year. I feel a weight lifted now because we don't have anything left to do before the babies get here. It feels good to be 28 weeks and done with all of the preparations.

I have purchased all of the blankets, burp clothes, sheets, pampers, clothes, bathroom stuff, diaper pails, and other gear needed for the boys. The only other item on the list is a double jogger and they don't need that until 4-6 months, so we are SET. Great feeling. I do feel poor, but accomplished.

Tonight I am thinking of making cookies. What kind shall I make? I guess I will have to see what I have here because going to the store sounds like work, and I am avoiding work.