I am in HELL

Our downstairs air conditioner is NOT working. A year ago? No big deal. Now? HUGE DEAL. I am typically cold-natured. I ALWAYS have a jacket or a blanket wrapped around me. My perfect temperature is around 83-90 degrees with sunshine. Otherwise I have goose bumps. I am odd that way. Normally. Now that I am pregnant I am HOT. So HOT. All the time.

Last night when we realized that the downstairs was 81 degrees, I had been sitting here thinking “damn, it is hot in here” and wondering what was wrong with me. The only relief was when we went to get ice cream and had the air conditioner in the car on 64 degrees – pointed straight at me. My daughter was COLD. I was still HOT. Coming home was a nightmare. And – since it is the weekend, we can look forward to this nightmare continuing until Monday when we can have someone look at the broken-ness that is our downstairs air conditioner. Damn, damn, damn.

Luckily, the upstairs one worked well last night and I was able to knock it down to 70 through the night. I woke up feeling great. Chilly, well rested, and not sweaty hot or evil. It was nice. But now, back downstairs it is rising to 80 again and will most likely hit the 90’s in here because we live in the center of HELL. OK – it is Texas, and not hell – but really, who can tell the difference in this heat?