I am sure these posts are becoming more and more boring as the days go by...

Just to prove my point, here is what I accomplished today:

Ø Vacuumed the living room twice (just to make sure all the pet hair was history)
Ø Shampooed the living room carpet twice (see above)
Ø Vacuumed the living room AGAIN – to get up all the hair that the shampooer pulled to the surface, but wouldn’t pick up
Ø Dusted the whole room
Ø Cleaned the baseboards
Ø Cleaned the lower part of the walls where the dogs have made them dirty looking
Ø Cleaned the window sills
Ø Cleaned the blinds on all 5 windows
Ø Cleaned the ceiling fan
Ø Cleaned all glass surfaces

I didn’t get the mirror cleaned or the fireplace cleaned…I was too tired. 4 ½ hours was all I could handle. I am now wishing I were dead. Seriously. I was getting more rest at work. I told my husband that I am NEVER cleaning this room again, and I am NOT kidding. That carpet kicked my ass. *sigh*

Tomorrow’s agenda includes cleaning the bathroom in our room – because it has NO carpets! Hopefully it won’t take more than an hour or two at the longest. I tend to clean more than needed, so it could take the full two hours – but at least it won’t be as bad as today.
I also have to run some errands (home depot and find a bathing suit). That should be more fun than today.