Everybody Wants to be Me

Today was my first day of maternity leave.

Actual conversation from this morning:

Me: Guess what I am doing right now?
Husband: What?
Me: Absolutely, positively NOTHING!
Husband: You suck.

And what have I accomplished so far today (besides sucking)?

  • Cleaned our downstairs bathroom top to bottom. It is seriously clean enough to eat off of any part of it. It is a very small bathroom and it took over an hour to clean. It smells good, it looks good, and it is nice to cross it off my list.
  • Went to Sam’s club to pick up all the big household items (toilet paper, paper towels, kitchen sponges, etc). This turned out to take a LONG time because the magnetic strip on my Sam’s card wasn’t working so I was shuffled over to the Customer Service line. Which is of course NO SERVICE to customers…it is merely a pain in the ass.
  • Went to Walmart to get the items I could not find at Sam’s. Such a busy freaking place. Why does everyone go there – all at once? Parking is a mess. The parking lot is strewn with carts that people are too lazy to put in the cart bins/holders. The lines are long, the people are rude… I hate it there.
  • Cooked dinner. And it sucked. I made some chicken and vegetable thing that I will NEVER EVER make again. It tasted like a pot pie without the crust and too many vegetables. Ick.
  • Ate 4 pop tarts. Yes – 4, but not all at once. I am after all only human.
  • Read all of the journals that I like, which I never get to do.
  • Talked to the short-term disability people at Cigna. This was not much fun. I got the feeling that they really, really, really want me back at work. They kept quizzing me about my ability to take conference calls from home, or work an hour a day in the office. Like that is worth my time. I sent them to my doctor to discuss the issues. He is the reason I am home.
  • Re-faxed all the paperwork that I faxed to Cigna last week because they claim they didn’t get it. I even have the acknowledgement printout that stated it faxed successfully, so I faxed that too. Grrr.
  • Talked to my oldest daughter. Twice. She will most likely call again too. Her dad isn’t home tonight and she is not fond of her step-mom, so she likes to call and complain about her. I don’t blame her – the woman is not “all there”
  • Read for a few hours.
  • Surfed EBay looking at 1000 and 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheet sets, finally deciding that we cannot afford them. But wow – they are NICE.
  • Watched That 70’s Show, because – who can resist that stupid humor? Not I.

And that about wraps it up. Still to come tonight – bubble bath and more reading. Don’t you want to be me?