Big Boys

Just back from my Peri appointment. Everything is FANTASTIC. All the contracting and ickiness has amounted to nothing. Boys are both 1 pound 2 oz, measuring almost a week ahead. They are on some growth chart right in the middle for their age...which we are assuming is GREAT news. They have all the right body parts - or so we were told. To me, the sonogram is a funny, mysterious thing. The tech swears she is looking at a kidney, or the brain and all I see is fuzz. Gray and white fuzz. I see no way telling the difference between most of the body parts. I told the tech that I felt like we were in modern art class... and I believed it.

Both boys are still - boys. So that is good. No gender operations have taken place while we were not watching. They are constantly kicking each other in the heads, which is a riot. My husband swears this is the beginning of the fighting that we will surely see more of. Think so? Yikes.

Other than that everything is fantastic. The doctor said that things look like we are not going to have problems - odds are in our favor based on all he is seeing...different kind of pregnancy for me!