This won't be so bad.

Today was my last day of work. For a long time. I won’t be going back until September, and it really doesn’t feel real. I am sitting at home wondering how I am going to stay occupied and entertained when I am not spending all day trying to avoid work. We have a lot to do in order to get our house ready to sell, but I am not supposed to be doing any of it. I am supposed to be taking it easy being lazy. I don’t know how to be lazy on purpose…I am only lazy when avoiding things I should be doing. I have decided to clean one room a day in the house. That will have our whole house cleaned every two weeks. I prefer a maid, but I also prefer not to pay one.

I am now almost 6 months pregnant. This is hard for me to believe. I never imagined I would make it this far – certainly not while still being at home. I assumed I would be on bed-rest or in the hospital by now, if not already done being pregnant. I am VERY lucky with this pregnancy (knock on wood) so far. I have so much to be thankful for right now.

It is nice to be home in a way. I can hear my husband working in his office, see him during the day…go to lunch with him. I can take my girls to the doctor or stay with them when they are sick. I can take the dogs for a walk during the day, or hang out with them in the back yard. I can read as much as I want and I can even lay in bed all day long if I feel like it – maybe, just maybe this won’t be so bad.