I am so mad!!!!!!

This was my maternity leave plan:

Find replacement for when I am out – CHECK

Create transition plan – CHECK

Create financials plan – CHECK

Have replacement assist with March close so that they would know how to do April and on – NOPE

Train replacement for two weeks having them shadow me in my job – NOT A CHANCE

Shadow replacement for final week answering questions and assisting where needed – YEAH, RIGHT

See, my replacement just won’t make time to go over anything with me. This person has been unavailable for the past two weeks and now on my last week still has no time to learn how to do the job they are about to get. Needless to say, I am not very happy. Not at all. And, if I get pulled out on leave tomorrow at my appointment, they are going to be screwed. No help. And – I won’t feel bad for them either. I have done everything in my power to teach them this job, and they won’t spend any time on it.

So – on a call today where we review planned expenditures – a call where this replacement was supposed to be doing the reviewing, but didn’t show up – I stated that if they don't show up, they are all going to be left without financial approval. Guess what happened? One of the idiot men accused me of being upset because I am hormonal. That is right. I am not upset because I am trying to do a proper turnover and ensure that my financials and employees are not left unattended…I am simply mad because of hormones. Bastard! I was so mad, that I wanted to rip his head off and run over it with my car – several times. I am still mad about it.

I have spent months getting ready for this leave, choosing a replacement, planning everything, documenting everything, informing everyone – spending so much time on these things to make the replacement’s life easier…and it apparently was useless. And, I am pretty mad about it. Can you tell?