Dr. Doolittle

Our animals have it SO easy.

They get up when they want to. They eat when they want to. They play when they want to. They sleep when they want to.

Right now one of the cats is purring away in the gameroom while looking out the window. The other is laying beside me trying to distract me from the computer so that I will pay attention to her. One dog is laying on the leather footstool (hanging off on all four sides because he is so honkin' huge) and the other is laying in the backyard waiting for basket-ball boy to come up the alley so that he run around the yard like a maniac barking at him.

They have zero responsibility and are only here to be happy and get attention. I wonder if pets are a step ahead of us or behind us in the re-incarnation chain. I would guess they are of a higher life form and are being rewarded… well, I think that until I see them eating bugs, and dead birds, and licking their own butts… then I have to second-guess myself.

And no, I don’t really believe in re-incarnation…at least I don’t think so.