The Snob Factor

This past weekend I went to Austin with my husband who had to be in some meetings on Friday. I stayed at the hotel and read by the pool. I have never felt so useless in my life. It is becoming hard, after only one week to stay home and do nothing much. I find that I have little to talk about or contribute. It is an odd feeling, and one I remember from when I stayed with each of my girls after they were born. It is not that I don’t have anything to contribute at all, it is simply that my job has always defined much of who I am (at least to me). I take great pride in how successful I have become at work, and although I hate my job most of the time, now that I am home, I miss being important. Sick.

Over the weekend we looked at a few areas and homes to get an idea of where we would look when we were closer to moving. We spent some time Friday late afternoon and all day Saturday driving around. I think we have decided on Leander / Crystal Falls / Wimberly as the most likely areas to live. We are pretty set on acreage and it is hard to find much land in Austin itself or many of the nearby areas. We also want a view of something other than the neighbors or concrete or businesses. That is a bit limiting in itself. Then there is what we titled the “snob factor”. We don’t want neighbors that have 16 non-functioning cars in their front lawn, or a tractor as a lawn ornament. We don’t want hippie neighbors that sleep on a “sleeping porch” (yes, we actually ran into people like this). We also don’t want something plain, ordinary, Plano-tized as our oldest calls it – housing developments where everything is the same, house after boring house. We are picky.

Now we wait for babies and the OK to move. It feels so close.