So Austin. We are moving to Austin. We are putting our house up for sale as soon as the babies are born, and are going to be showing our house with newborns in it. We – are insane.

But Austin! I am so excited about moving. Sad I won’t see my girls during the week, but excited to be moving. We have been looking at houses and ranches and places with LOTS of land. Ideally we would like at least 5 acres either south or west of Austin, with a 4 or 5 bedroom home and a built-in pool.

What we are going to end up with:

1) .0001 acres in the city with 5 bedrooms and we will have to build a pool (poor doggies, no room to play)

2) 1 acre north of town with a 4 bedroom home in an over-populated area forcing us to take I35 to work every day adding 14 hours to our commute

3) 2 acres in Wimberley, 4 bedroom home, 200,000 more than we want to pay

4) 5 acres in Leander, 3 or 4 bedroom home, barely livable, horse stables, and lots of dirt and trees

Sadly, number 4 sounds the best to me. We talked about it and thought that a house that we can either fix up, build onto, or tear down and replace over time might be our best option if it comes with land. We will most likely have to have a pool built which can be pretty expensive there because of all the limestone – but if we finance it with the house maybe it won’t seem so bad.

If we end up in the city, it will be short term – maybe 5 years until the boys are ready for school – then we can move to somewhere further out and maybe, just *maybe* we can afford what we really want. Right now we have school debt, credit card debt, house debt, car debt… so much debt. I will be happy if we can afford ANYTHING. But – AUSTIN….YEAH!!!