Am I Normal? (Don't Answer That)

I am six months pregnant today. I cannot believe that time has gone by so quickly. And yet at the same time, it feels like it is dragging. Explain that to me please.

What feels different from a month ago?

* Size: I am bigger. Much bigger. So much bigger. None of my maternity clothes fit except the ones that I bought REALLY big (my most recent medium and large purchases). I cannot tie my shoes without taking a break between shoes – it takes my breath away.

* Shaving: I cannot shave my naughty parts, because I cannot see them. This seriously drives me crazy because of the “new hair growth” itching. It is driving me crazy, but I am not about to ask my husband to take a razor to those parts…nope, not gonna happen.

* Eating: I cannot eat much at one sitting. I get full so incredibly fast. If I do eat a normal amount, I regret it for hours after because my stomach is just too full to function.

* Movement: The babies are moving all the time now. I can even see my stomach move when they wiggle around, which is a little freaky – like aliens in there or something.

* Energy: I have more energy than I did a month ago. I can stay awake all day without a nap if I need to and function on 8 hours of sleep.

* Sleep: I can’t sleep. I go to sleep ok, but I wake up so often that I feel like I am not sleeping at all.

* Readiness: I am emotionally more prepared for babies now. I am off work and have time to wash baby clothes, get things ready in their room, and do all of the planning needed to bring two new people into our lives.

* Time: As I said before, pregnancy seemed so far away before but is now creeping up on me. I am excited and nervous and scared and happy and so many emotions that it is hard to deal with them all. Is this normal?