Blue Bayonet

My brother told me once that in the Army they place the actives on Blue Bayonet if they are to stay confined to quarters and wait for further instructions on being deployed somewhere far away doing something dangerous - such as going to war, or other misc. stuff he would never talk much about. I believe this term fits.

Well, spent yesterday in the hospital after my latest FFN test (that tells if I will deliver in the next two weeks) came back positive. That sucked. Apparently if the test comes back negative they are very confident that I will make it two more weeks, however there is some question about the positive results…meaning they are not sure that it will happen – they use the test to get a negative and rely on those results, but positive results are not always reliable. Go figure.

I started out the day with contractions 2-3 minutes apart – most of which I was not really feeling. After three shots of some evil drug that made me shaky, they were down to about 10 minutes, which the Dr. felt was acceptable, and I was able to go home in the evening. They also gave me one shot of something to help the boys’ lungs develop if they are born in the next week or two. I get another one of those shots today when I go in to see the Dr.

The not so good news is that I am now on VERY restricted activity – bathroom, shower and eating are all permitted…and that is about it. This could make for some long days.

The great news is that the boys are fine, very active and normal heartbeats. They are just apparently anxious to make an entrance.