Ten Little Indians

9 eggs. They found 9 eggs on their Easter Egg Hunt this morning. I don’t know if that is fantastic…but I am happy they found some. As they were putting me under, I began singing 10 Little Indians. I don’t know why – but I did. Perhaps because I am crazy (as was established in yesterday’s post). I wanted 10, so 9 is good.

When I woke up – this is a funny story - I apparently was telling my husband that now that I have no drugs in me we can argue and I won’t cry because I am not on the Lupron anymore. He kept wishing I would shut up – since the doctor was in the room trying to ask me if I was okay – and I wouldn’t shut up and answer his questions… That is me. Yammering on about nothing while wasting people’s time.

Now we wait. There is a whole-lotta waiting in this IVF process. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. And then wait some more.

We now wait until tomorrow for them to call and tell us how many fertilized.

Then we wait for each afternoon when they call to tell us how the embryos are doing.

Then we wait until Sunday when they put them back in.

Then we wait for days and days until the beta pregnancy blood test.

Then we wait for the next beta.

Then we wait for the ultrasound so we can hear the heartbeat.

Then we wait for 11 weeks when they can do CVS to make sure there are no problems with baby (or babies).

Then we wait until 12 weeks for the cerclage.

Then we wait for me to make it to term.

Please excuse me while I go wait.