The Evening News

Yesterday we received our daily embryo report. There are 4 considered excellent quality, 1 good, and 1 average. I of course have no idea what this all means. I just pretend that it is good news and walk around smiling. I - am an infertility idiot. I admit it. It is true.

Last night we started the Progesterone shots. They are still not as bad as the Follistim. That stuff REALLY hurt. These new ones are given in the hip muscle...with an inch-and-a-half long needle. Although they really don't hurt, they are hard to do. It is hard to see back there, and to give the shot by myself, so my husband had to help. He would have done the whole thing but I am a baby and wouldn't let him. I just couldn't stand the anticipation of waiting for him to do the shot - so I took it away from him and put it in myself - but then, I couldn't get the medicine in. So he had to do that part. What a picture of hilarity that must have been.

We then went to a movie - Friday Night Lights. Which - I loved. Football. So much aggression and intensity. Love it.

So - that is the latest for me. Husband is working on his new job - and loves it. I am working on my old job and hate it. things are rolling right along. Now - I just need to get pregnant!!!