Graduation Time

My husband has been in graduate school since we got married. It has been pretty tough for him, and he is so happy to be done this December. He has spent many many nights and weekends studying and at class and he is happy to have it come to an end. Me too. Now we will have so much more time together! Oh - wait. No we won't.

As of today my husband also has a new, fantastic job. He has worked really hard for it, and deserves it - and I am so incredibly proud of him. But, it now means he will be doing what I call the "New Job Schmooz" He will be traveling and working long hours and dedicating a lot of time to this job, because, well - it is new. He has to prove himself, and frankly - he is excited - so he will want to work hard.

Does it make me a sucky wife because I wanted him to be at home and spend some time with me? I am jealouse of this new job. I want to be the new job. Can I be the new job? No - I guess I can't unless I want to pay him crazy money to play with me. Damn. Stupid new job.