IVF Fear Factor

Episode 4003 November 8, 2004

It's a rainy, slippery day as players arrive for their first stunt. Surrounded by speculums and transvaginal sonogram equipment , the players learn they must climb onto the examining table – completely naked, and then put both of their feet into the stirrups. They must then remain completely silent and still as the doctor proceeds to do a full exam and saline sonogram. They must remain naked and exposed for at least 2 hours. Those passing this stage advance and have a shot at $50,000 in debt and maybe, just maybe, a baby. In order to keep the game going, should no contestants actually complete this task, the person that lasts the longest will get 12,000 in debt and all contestants will advance. Chance of baby = 1%

All players will of course fail and will be happy to have a second chance - but also, totally turned off by what they must do next.

In a parked car, late at night, each player must inject an HCG trigger shot, by themselves, while blindfolded. The catch? There are two trigger shots, one with the proper mix, one with Tabasco. The Tabasco is preferred as it will cause less pain. Chances of baby = .03%

After a mock transfer, the final stunt is the dreaded two week wait. The contestants will be locked in a room, surrounded by home pregnancy tests. Anyone that breaks down and uses one is immediately sent packing. There will be several diets and activities to choose from, all bearing warnings of potential miscarriage or chemical pregnancy. The first contestant to actually make it all two weeks without HPTing will be able to leave with the $50,000 in debt. Chances of baby = .00007%