These Are The Days

Right now I am sitting in the boys’ room watching them sleep. This might be the most time I have spent with them all week.

I have been so buried in work over the past few weeks that they have developed a Pavlovian reaction to ANY computer or cell phone. They immediately get annoyed and declare “Put that away – it is not safe!” Can you just feel the neglect in the air? Why not go ahead and queue up some Harry Chapin and stab just a little deeper?

Todd is going to be out of town again this week, however I am hopeful that it won’t be as bad as last week. Work seems to have settled a bit for the moment and I anticipate a MUCH more normal amount of pressure from The Man. But if it doesn’t let up, at least he is home Thursday night with no other plans of traveling in the immediate future. Light! At the end of the tunnel!

My plans for the week include working – with a strong focus on spending time with the boys. My evenings are for them, and even if it means I am working well into the wee hours of the morning, I am going to honor that commitment. I am not missing another week of their tiny lives…