Insanity On The Home-Front (AKA - TODD, COME HOME AND FIX THIS)

After yesterday, I was CERTAIN today could not be worse. I even told a co-worker that yesterday had forced me to set my expectations VERY LOW for today – and that as long as one of my kids did not rub a toxic substance all over his body, or I didn’t almost die in my office due to asphyxiation (thank you fucking Expo Whiteboard Cleaner), that I would consider the day a success. I should have knocked wood, thrown salt over my shoulder, crossed my fingers and toes, and perhaps left some rum for Jobu. But I didn’t do any of those things. And so today sucked.

Last night, as is the norm now, I clocked roughly 3 hours of sleep. I then got up at 5:30 so I could get ready, read email, and get the boys up. And then? I had 11 hours of meetings BEFORE DINNER., one meeting after dinner. Oh -and still more yet to go (it is already 10:15pm here). Tell me that is not insane. But duck after you do it, because I will come after you!

On my way home from work (while on a conference call, of course) I had to go to the grocery store…because I have put it off and we needed food. I got home a little before 5, and the house was a MESS. Breakfast dishes with breakfast food on them were still on the counter. Lunch stuff was everywhere. Toys? EVERYWHERE. And the boys? In their room – having not yet even taken a nap. Can you say "madhouse"?

I got the boys up, and asked what had happened. Apparently they had not gotten home from some park until after 1, and then screwed around until after 3 before even attempting napping. I was NOT HAPPY. Faced with two toddlers who had not napped, trying to cook dinner while on a conference call, and then trying to entertain them without them melting down, led me to go a little more crazy than normal. I did not yell at anyone really – just the typical “come here” and “don’t hit your brother” kind of stuff…but it was a rough evening and I was so unhappy with the situation I had come home to.

I don’t know how to deal with it so it doesn’t happen again, but I am going to have to find a way – because I cannot deal with that again. I just can’t. I cannot work all day and then come home to a huge disaster that needs picked up, kids that have not napped, dinner to cook and clean up, children who (Did I mention, they had NOT NAPPED?) need entertained, and then the whole bedtime ritual. It will kill me.

It is days like this that I wish the boys did not stay home but went to daycare instead.