Vacuum is to dirt as work is to me

I have not written in a few days because I am working, working, working. It is Saturday, 8:15am and I have already had 3 conference calls…there are more to come. Dinner last night consisted of us going out to eat, and me spending most of the time in the parking lot on the phone. That was followed by coming home and spending more time on the phone. It just is not letting up. And since nobody really wants to hear me continue bitching about work, well – I have nothing else to say.

OOh – wait! Todd is home!!! So that is good. He came home a day early. He does leave again next week for Mexico City, but he is here now, and I am so, so happy that he is. I wish he was not leaving next week, because I can tell this whole mess at work is not getting better anytime soon, and I cannot even picture how much next week is going to suck on my own…