Todd is once again out of town. This sucks for many reasons the first of which is this nasty-ass sickness I am sporting. Fever is finally down a bit, but I could use a few days sleep. The second reason Todd's being gone sucks is that I cannot sleep when he is not here - this is a big deal because of reason number one. Reason number three is my throat - it is in fire. When he is here, he makes everything easier. And four - the toddler factor. The boys don't 'get' that I don't feel well, or if they do - they are not letting on. This means that they expect to get fed and all sorts of other annoying stuff. kids these days!

I wish we were planning a vacation. One with sun and sand and foreign languages and blue water and exotic food. Instead? Our summer plans include taking Cassie to Michigan for college. Totally NOT the same thing.

In other news, we are still on target to have our debt all paid off by Dec. 2009. And, we may be able to improve on that if I quit spending money...which - well, I will try.

Oh - guess what I am doing? I am freaking working right now... because dude, there is no way I would get out of that. HATE production issues. HATE this project that is not going to be done EVER. HATE escalations. HATE being the person that things are escalated to. HATE being in management. Did I mention the HATE?