Because I Just Know…

  • When I am with you, nothing else matters
  • Although never much for physical affection, I seem to be compelled to touch you, hold your hand, be near you all of the time
  • Every word you speak has special meaning to me – your praise elevates me and any criticism cuts in a way I would have never anticipated
  • I never think about how others’ view you, I simply always feel lucky to be with you
  • I feel like I ended up with someone much better than me
  • I love sharing things with you – things nobody else knows
  • When I think of the perfect day – you are always part of it
  • When anything good or bad happens during my day, I HAVE to call you that very moment and tell you about it
  • While sharing a life with someone else is always going to be more work than being alone, you make it feel easy
  • I know every moment of every day that you love me

When you ask, “How do you know you love me?” the answer is “Because I just know.”