How I came to spend $10.00 on a cup of coffee I did not even drink:

This morning I had to drop of a movie that the girls rented over the weekend (DO NOT RENT or NETFLIX WRONG TURN 2, DEAD END – No, I didn’t expect it to be good, but I had no idea how horrendous it would really be) and so I stopped in Starbucks and picked up coffee on my way to work ($4 and some change). I then headed to work. When I was almost there, I took a sip, and it tasted and smelled funny - chemically. I could not drink it… But man, I needed some coffee.

I stopped at another Starbucks and ordered the same thing (another $4 and some change) and although it had more of a burnt flavor, it had the same issue. It smelled oddly familiar and FOUL. And then I figured it out – FUCKING EXPO WHITEBOARD CLEANER! I can only imagine that my taste buds and sense of smell was affected by yesterday’s incident – because I did not order FUCKING EXPO WHITEBOARD CLEANER as an extra shot in my damn coffee.

Once I got to work and entered the Office of Doom - destined to forever smell like FUCKING WHITEBOARD CLEANER, I threw away the coffee - and a bottle of water that tasted exactly the same. I may never drink ANYTHING again.

By the way – Roark is fine. He appears to have recovered from the formaldehyde much better than my run in with the FUCKING EXPO WHITEBOARD CLEANER.

I am giving the Caps Lock a run for it's money today. That, and the word FUCK.


Building services just showed up again. Apparently they spent the evening climbing around in the ceiling checking air vents and ventilation because PEOPLE WERE GETTING SICK from fumes yesterday afternoon. No - I am not kidding. My office still smells funny. The fuzzy head has come back, and I have unloaded a full can of air freshener into the air. My office door is however opened today and I have a fan in here blowing the air up into the ceiling and out the door. I pity the people in cube-land out there, because they are about to get stoned, followed by the worst hangover of their lives. Enjoy the FUCKING EXPO WHITEBOARD CLEANER, ya'll.