Mmmmmmm, work!

I am too tired to think clearly today. Having been up late working for the past few nights, followed by getting up early every day – I am just dragging. And it is a damn shame too, because I have rather serious work-related issues that need my full and immediate attention. These issues? They have forced me to move pretty much every single meeting I had scheduled to another day…meaning they are going to take all day to work through. And if I am lucky I can spend a bit of time with the boys before putting them to bed and working some more.

Work. It’s what’s for dinner.


So the thing I thought would take until the weee hours of the morning is now done. 7 hours of KILLING MYSELF over crap that is going to continue to kill me repeatedly for perhaps the rest of the calendar year. HATE. I am not going to say too much more, but DAMN! I hate financials.