There was some trick-or-treating, although the Cole and Roark appeared to “tolerate” it as opposed to “enjoy” it.

There was candy-handing-out, which the boys loved. They seemed to truly enjoy watching big kids startled and/or scared by our decorations. The clown drove the teenagers and parents wild. I think it was the creepy music and stabbing of the knife that got them.

There was hanging out with Cassie, who stuck around to help with the candy-handing-out, and trick-or-treating.

There was the missing of Brittany, as she chose to hang out with her friends (who can blame her) instead of enduring the torture of hanging out with her parents.

There was an attempted candy-snatching by me. I stole a 3 Musketeers bar from Cole and literally gagged! Those rat bastards have made those things FLAVORED…like strawberry. What was wrong with the chocolate? For the love of God – they messed with my favorite candy bar. I found that seriously disturbing.

There were late bedtimes all around, full of slight grumpiness and sadness that the day was over.