Artsy, Not I

I am constantly in awe at Cassie's artistic eye, her ability to seep creativity out of her every pore. Her drawings, her paintings - they all amaze me. And I have to admit that I am a bit jealous. I wish I had known how much I loved art at her age. She is able to take such amazingly simple ideas and turn them into something thought-provoking, beautiful, and different.

How is an artist born? Do we all have that creativity inside us, and only some tap into it, build on it, perfect it? Is it like common sense - either you have it or you don't? Or is it learned? I can be creative at times, but it seems like work to me. For Cassie, it seems to be part of who she is. It doesn't appear to take a lot of work on her part. I have always been drawn to the arts, but have never excelled at them. I am more of a business-focused, results-driven kind of girl. Give me a business issue and I will work to solve it. Give me someone to yell at and I love biting their head off. Give me a creative project and I hem and haw (Where did that idiom come from anyway?) over it until I have killed it dead.